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Join us for the 31st annual installment of The Climate Games!
Since the late 1980s, our nation’s leaders have ignored climate science and played games with the future of the planet, valuing fossil fuel donations over human lives. Will the forces of Greed and Capitalism maintain their 30 year winning streak? Or will underdog Team Earth finally claim victory?

This year’s Climate Games will be hosted by the Republican National Committee, which is the main fundraising arm of the Republican Party and plays a key role in determining national Republican strategy. In response to recent calls for the “Green New Deal”, the only policy proposal on the table that even comes close to addressing the climate crisis, the Republican Party has vowed to wage war against the proposal, belittling it, mocking it, and lying about it at every turn. We could think of no organization more worthy of hosting the Climate Games than the RNC. Their headquarters might even shut down to help celebrate the event!

This year’s event will include numerous climate-themed games, such as Climate Catastrophe Dodgeball and Planetary Volleyball. All attendees will have an opportunity to join Team Earth or Team Greed.

The pregame festivities will begin at Spirit of Justice Park, New Jersey Ave and D St SE at 8:00am. Take a half day off work, call in sick, do whatever you need to do to be there. You won’t want to miss this!

[Climate change is no joke. Join us to show the corporate political machine that we will not sit idly by while they destroy our future!]

The Climate Games are part of the International Week of Rebellion taking place in 30 countries around the globe, and dozens of cities in the United States. Humanity is now confronting the climate crisis like never before.