Extinction Rebellion US Follows Europe’s Lead on Climate Action


People’s Climate Emergency Congress Emerges on DC Streets

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(Washington, DC) The climate crisis has become a critical emergency demanding bold and drastic action to avert catastrophe according to a group of activists from Washington-area environmental and faith groups committed to dramatically accelerating the US government response to global warming.

The activists are joining the Extinction Rebellion, a radical global campaign that started in Europe and in recent days rallied thousands of protesters in London, blocking all roads around the British parliament and participating in various acts of civil disobedience. “We are tired of politics as usual and will kick off Extinction Rebellion US by convening a People’s Climate Emergency Congress outlining a New Green Deal,” says Russell Gray, National Coordinator of the Extinction Rebellion US.

The event begins at noon on December 2 in Stanton Park in Northeast, Washington DC. Protesters will then march to streets near the US Capitol to stage the First People’s Climate Emergency Congress, blocking traffic in the process. “We hope to demonstrate that the will of the people is clear on climate change,” says Gray.

The Extinction Rebellion has three key demands:

  1. That the government tell the truth about the climate emergency and end all policies contributing to fossil fuel emissions

  2. That the government begin a World War II-scale mobilization to reach carbon neutrality by 2025 and begin massive drawdown of carbon from the atmosphere

  3. The establishment of new representative democratic bodies to oversee the transition to a green society.

World renowned environmental leader Bill McKibben, co-founder of 350.org, has come out in support of the rebellion, stating that the declaration of rebellion “should ring true not just for Brits, but for Americans (who have a declaration in their past) and for people anywhere.”

The organizers hope that this event will serve as an example for other activists around the country. “In the few short weeks since planning began for Extinction Rebellion US, our work has generated interest to form Extinction Rebellion chapters in more than 20 cities,” says Gray.

Extinction Rebellion co-founder Roger Hallam has stressed the importance of the American Extinction Rebellion campaign. “For this movement to succeed, it has to be international. We’re going to need the people of the United States to stand up and defend life.”

Local groups being represented in the Emergency Congress include 350 DC, The Climate Mobilization, The Democratic Socialists of America DC chapter, Fossil Free George Washington University, Elders for Climate Action, Climate First!, and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.

Extinction Rebellion Chapters are already forming in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, the Twin Cities, Cincinnati, New York City, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta, Maui, Dallas, and Tampa Bay.

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