January 1-7, 2019 - Rebel for Life - New Year Campaign:



Seeding the New Year with a Collective Commitment
to Protect and Honour the Foundations of Life

The power of mass intention may ultimately be the force that shifts the tide toward repair and renewal of the planet.
~ Lynne McTaggart


The Protect and Honour Life Campaign invites the global XR movement to organize events demonstrating our personal and collective commitment to protect and honour the Foundations of Life: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Biodiversity, Climate and the Web of Life.

Each day will be dedicated to one of the foundations. For each foundation, individuals and groups are invited to offer local and/or online events - meditations, ceremonies, art, sacred activism, webinars, solutions and more.

The Protect and Honour Life Campaign offers a life-affirming and regenerative complement to the current focus of nonviolent action that highlights the failure of our political and economic systems and our ecocidal trajectory.

The Protect and Honour Campaign aligns with and builds on a worldwide event called 7 Days of Rest and Reflection - the 2nd annual co-creative event dedicated to the healing of the planet and all its inhabitants. This global event is already supported by many international partners from diverse sectors. (See video)

It is suggested that individuals, groups and events sign up through the 7 Days of Rest website in order to help the global community to unify, and for relevant communications about the global evolution of the event to reach all participants - however this is not essential. The primary goal is for us to unite and self-organize in reflection, intention and action for the protection and healing of the planet and all its inhabitants.

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The purpose of the daily event is to create a space - physical or online - for people to come together around the shared intention to explore and restore our sacred relationship with the primary elements of Nature. Each day invites us to affirm and deepen our personal and collective relationship with these elements and our commitment to protect and honour them.

You can initiate or join as an individual or as a group, with friends, with colleagues or a larger community. Participation can range from minutes to hours per day, to creating or joining existing programs for the entire week. Please visit the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection website for registering or joining events, and you are also invited to share your event in the 7 Days of Rest community Facebook group.

By sharing in this intention and action through synchronised events across the world, we, as a global XR community, unite to raise awareness about the INTERDEPENDENCE of All Life, and about how healing the climate necessitates the healing of all parts of the WEB OF LIFE.

Together, we amplify our message and commitment to uncompromisingly restore these foundational elements to Nature’s original form. In doing so, we each attune to our unique role in repairing the damage we have caused and to ensuring a thriving future for all Life.


Open suggestions for daily events:

  1. Opening declaration (example): We are gathered here together to declare our commitment to honour and protect (this element).

  2. 5 minutes about the essential role of this element and its unique place in the interconnected whole.

  3. 5 minutes about humanity’s disconnection from and abuse of this element.

  4. 5 minutes on existing solutions and the need for immediate widespread education about this element throughout the education system and mainstream media.

  5. The voice of Children, Elders and Indigenous about these elements.

  6. A demand for governments to ensure that these elements are protected and honoured by law without compromise.

  7. 5 minutes of guided meditation inviting people to commune with the element in their imagination (including inviting people to sense into the element within them - in nature - recognizing the part it plays in our everyday life, the impact on us - our impact on them - and what the element reveals as we pay attention to it.) The guided meditation encourages a more personal connection with each element.

  8. An invitation to reflect on: What does the element need from humanity in order to function optimally in the planetary ecosystem?

  9. Music dedicated to this element.

  10. A silent meditation/prayer space for each individual to honour this element in their unique way.

  11. Together silently envisioning a world where this element is honoured by all - inviting it in - what would it look like? How would it feel?

  12. A personal, collective vocal commitment: eg. “I, (my name) pledge to protect and honour water and to do what I can to ensure that we uncompromisingly restore water to nature’s perfect form.

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POSTER IMAGES HERE - For all artists, social media ninjas and organizers!

Artists are invited to develop their own interpretations of these posters and the theme of the event, integrating the Extinction Symbol.  Whatever inspires to generate deep love, reverence and gratitude for these foundations of Life.

Have fun!